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Coffee Roast Degree/Uniformity/ Ground-Size Analyzer "Lighttells" CM-200 with Hardcase


The CM-200  is designed to measure the roast degree, roast uniformity for both whole bean and ground bean, and it can also analyze the distribution of ground size. It is a useful portable tool with its user-friendly interface, accurate performance and reliable quality.It provides you accurate SCAA Gourmet numeric scales result and display a variety of name terminology corresponding to the result (Light, City, Italian, etc). Besides roast degree, it also provides the coloruniformity of how your coffee beans were roasted, and if you would like to check how your grinder performs, the CM-200 can analyze the distribution of ground size, this would make your grinder calibration much easierIt's Highly recommended to have a CM-200 to coffee roasting vendors, coffee shop owners or home roasters.

Lighttells Coffee Roast Degree Coffee Roast Degree/Uniformity/ Ground-Siz CM-200

฿127,900.00 ราคาปกติ
  • 1 year

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